I do not want kisses; say something


I do not want kisses; say something

۲۷ مطلب با موضوع «Amorously» ثبت شده است

!!!The lines reached each other and ended up with a sentence

!!!Everything is done with love

Engineer Sarmadi


?who knows

...Maybe a good day for us

Engineer Sarmadi

The most political thing in me

Your lips
You smile
Revolution becomes ...


Engineer Sarmadi

 ... Nice to be friendly
 ... Not so hard to be upset that the emotion
! Not so vacuous that stand between good and evil
 ... Moments pass
 ... Together full of love and hope
 ...We love the sun

Engineer Sarmadi

Do not Believe the lonely 
I Pnhanm you, you in me 
Me me closer to you 
You're closer to me 
Do not Believe the lonely 

. Do you have a heart and a pain
Crossing the street in Love 
On taking a shower together 
The heart is a lonely swing 

Do not Believe the lonely 
Anywhere in the world that you 
I Batvam alone 
I am with you wherever you are 

Even if we're not together 
Even if for a moment one day 
We're in this world together 

Leave the house and pass 
Come with me to the heart of the Kaaba 
Do not Believe the lonely 
 ...I'm home, home

Engineer Sarmadi

I am with you wherever you are
Even if we're not together
Even if for a moment one day
We're in this world together

Engineer Sarmadi

Is full of memorable moments 
Empty your life of sorrow and grief 
Countless moments of joy 
Heart full of jasmine flowers singing 
Cute flower garden full of a thousand emotions 
Such a product is full of Negar 
Any one of the best days ago 
It was good to you this time com-
You're like a candle along with a mud 
I find you around like butterflies

Engineer Sarmadi

Goodbye to a light source
A Farewell proximity and familiarity
Story of a Bye incomplete
Bye soul sleep and hindsight
Goodbye my sweet sleep
Goodbye to my old love
Goodbye wreck a life.
A Goodbye my religion
Goodbye my moment of happiness
O Merciful hindsight Goodbye
Goodbye, my hidden secret
A goodbye happiness every moment
A goodbye tears from my eyes
A goodbye love Srshtm
Bye bye , my dear , kind
You're the only star in my universe
Bye Bye beginning of my book
O mysterious mystified , my unanswered question
A goodbye of moaning night
Goodbye to a lover no excuse
Bye the passion of love and separation
Goodbye to a familiar moment
Bye bye , my eternal love
Always Intimates companion , I am your moon
Bye bye black eyes, black hair
You 've set my heart to his eyes Dawn Judd
A Farewell to the glory of being
A Farewell to my Golden Seal
A Farewell to laugh and I cry
Goodbye to my old grief
Bye bye , my beautiful dream
Bye bye , you're more of a blue sea
Bye bye , to you, this is an example
Goodbye, goodbye , goodbye forever , forever
A Goodbye to Autumn Leaves
Goodbye , you're an occasional
A Farewell slave agitation
Goodbye to an incompatibility mechanism
So long nights of tears away

A Farewell to penetrate my religion
A Farewell to hope and fear Hearts
I fancy a colorful goodbye
Publishing a book Goodbye Pain
I want to avoid a bye in the cold
A Farewell owns my heart
I am the creator of
Goodbye nights a month Tarom
Goodbye, my dearest heart-rending pain
Days good bye love
A Farewell to the enthusiasm of being


Engineer Sarmadi

Dearest love

Cher amour

प्यारे प्यार

사랑하는 사랑

Dearest სიყვარული

أعز من أحب

Dearest kärleken

Kæreste kærlighed


Querido amor

Liebste Liebe


With what language you say 
???Dearest love

Engineer Sarmadi

Remain in my imagination 
 ... But you go
 ...My fantasy is that he loves me 

 ...Like you, I am not alone

Engineer Sarmadi

Undoubtedly created the world to love someone
I got the mood of love
Your World

Engineer Sarmadi

It's not that he does not love pain, pain is not my lover is devoid of love is the pain of seeing my cool because I closed my heart!!

Engineer Sarmadi
This is poetry
I love you
And you
Whatever you want
Engineer Sarmadi

Amidst the world of words 

One name you love 

One word happiness 

They both make me laugh 

Both make me cry.

Engineer Sarmadi
Eyes on fire Do not trust!
Do not touch!
Fragrance-free way to escape the winds Sheldon!
Colorless land,
Odorless, silent!
Escape and hide behind the death of eternity,

If you want eternal love

Engineer Sarmadi